Machine Vision Area

Machine vision exhibition area
Core components of machine vision
Smart camera: black and white smart camera, line scanning smart camera, color smart camera, CMOS smart camera, ID reader, etc.
Board card: black and white acquisition card, image compression/decompression board card, color acquisition card;
Software package: image processing software, machine vision tool software;
Accessories: industrial CAMERA, CMOS CAMERA, CCD CAMERA, planar array CAMERA, camera-link CAMERA, line-scan CAMERA, infrared CAMERA, 1394 interface CAMERA;
Industrial lens: FA lens, high-resolution lens, image scanning lens, focusing lens, telephoto lens, etc.
Light source: LED light source, ultraviolet lighting system, infrared light source, optical fiber lighting system, etc.
Auxiliary products: sensor, calibration block, grating, washer, connecting line and connector, power supply, base plate.
Machine vision accessories
Image processing system: optical text, recognition system, automation/robot technology, infrared image system;
Processing and machine vision integration: characters recognition system, automation/robotics, infrared image system, tobacco, printing, electronic assembly, quality inspection and automatic recognition (OCR/OCV), measurement and intelligent vision, surface test, printing, packaging, complex industrial object of visual online, automobile manufacturing, license plates, intelligent transportation, biometrics, monitoring, medical tests, such as optical inspection system.



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