AGV Car Area

AGV car exhibition area

AGV products: AGV automatic transport vehicles,AGV unmanned transport vehicles, omnidirectional moving AGV vehicles, intelligent AGV vehicles, magnetic navigation AGV vehicles, trackless navigation AGV vehicles, magnetic navigation forklift AGV,AGV unmanned transport, all kinds of AGV vehicles, automatic navigation vehicles, laser navigation vehicles, etc.
Intelligent warehousing: intelligent warehousing robot, intelligent warehousing management system, intelligent warehousing system, intelligent logistics warehousing system, intelligent warehousing, intelligent warehouse management system, intelligent warehouse, warehousing management system, warehousing management, automated three-dimensional warehouse, etc
AGV automatic logistics equipment and systems: traction, laser, palletizing, robot, intelligent palletizing robot, handling machine, conveying equipment, assembly, wiring, screw, scraper, tape, roller, suspension, vibration, machine arm, industrial vehicles, forklifts; Sorting system, picking system, automatic warehousing, warehousing assistance technology software, transportation system, ground control system, vehicle control system, unmanned transportation system, shelf access equipment, manual carrier, automatic guidance system, intelligent warehouse solutions;
AGV car accessories: positioning components, structural components, direct components, drive unit, control unit, mechanical components, sensors, mobile chassis, driving wheel, batteries, servo motor, dc motor, the charging machine, relay, controller, brake, reducer, actuators, bearing, carrying institutions, site identification, and communication module electronic labels, touch screen, form a complete set of logistics equipment, etc.
Conveying equipment: all kinds of the assembly line, air conveying system, single (double) chain, mesh belt conveyor, roller conveyor sorting conveyor, belt conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, roller conveyor, hanging conveyor, vibration conveyor, roller conveyor, telescopic conveyor, non-standard special equipment, transportation equipment, transportation equipment parts, etc.;



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